Apple Watch 2 Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors: Apple Smartwatch 5 Variants; An App to De-stress and The Only Major Change You’ll See

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Tech analysts predict the Apple Watch 2 will not have many upgrades 

Apple Watch 2 Specs: no change in design?

Apple could likely release the Apple Watch 2 in similar design to its original version - meaning, there won't be any considerable change in size, resolution or shape, Mirror wrote. The only major upgrade that fans will see in the smartwatch is the bigger battery capacity. However, Apple superfans expect the Apple Watch 2 to have at least thinner design, sharper screen and multifunctional band, as per MacWorld prediction.

The rants also point on a few upgrades under the hood with selfie camera rumored to be planted in the smartwatch. Other speculations on its specs include Micro LED screen display and perhaps more efficient ARM Cortex A32 which hints on less battery usage. More Apple Watch 2 specs was previously revealed in University Herald article

Apple Watch 2 rumors: smartwatch to be released in five variants?

Albeit there is no significant change in design, the rumored smartwatch will have more variants alongside the current lines: Sport, Watch and Edition. It is speculated to include new premium materials from titanium, tungsten, palladium and platinum.

Apple Watch 2 features: Breath-app to calm the mood

While fans are taking deep breath to anticipate any Apple news and rumors, Apple previously announced Breathe app - which will likely be helpful for users in stressful situations.

The app works like this, users have the option to choose how long they want to practice breathing techniques. It is a good way to start relaxation using the device on your wrist because it can send pulses that help to calm you down as you inhale and exhale. With the launch of Breathe App happening at the end of year, it could likely be featured in Apple Watch 2, ITPro reported.

Apple Watch 2 price: still expensive?

Apple with its premium devices could be a clue to the upcoming smartwatch price. Many rumors claim that Apple Watch 2 will be a luxury timepiece, which price can range from £1,000 to £8,000.

Apple Watch 2 release date

The rumors speculate Apple Watch 2 release date in September release date alongside Apple's iPhone 7. Or, it could also be making an appearance in iPhone 7 launch for early reveal.

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