Apple Watch 2 Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors: Selfie Camera; Health Sensor and Other Advanced Features Mean 'Twice More Expensive'?


Apple Watch 2 will have much better concept and new features. The original Apple Watch was dubbed as the best selling smartwatch and now that it goes on sale, the next Apple Watch generation could be in soon. The growing evidences show that Apple Watch 2 will also feature selfie camera.

Apple Watch 2 specs

Apple Watch 2 specs are said to have some upgrades compared to the original version. Rumor has it that Apple Watch second generation will have front-facing camera - good news for the selfie addicts. It will also enable users to FaceTime on their wrist, MacWorld reported.

Another source claimed that Apple Watch 2 specs will include Micro LED screen display that is energy-saving but offers crisper and more vivid colors. The panel of this tech is thinner - thus, it could hint on a slim Apple Watch 2 design, Tech Radar reported. Another upgrade includes the processor that boosts the performance. Apple Watch 2 might need more efficient processor such as ARM Cortex A32 that enhances performance but reduces power usage.

Many sources claimed that Apple Watch 2 will have faster app loading-time. The Apple wearable device will also have health sensors for fitness tracking and probably be using new straps.   

Apple Watch 2 price

Fans should expect more stylish design for The Apple Watch 2 and possibly cleverer user-interface. However, with all of the advanced features, this smartwatch could likely cost a fortune.

The first Apple smartwatch was priced at $349 and it drops to $299 during the sales. Apple Watch 2 price is expected to be much more expensive than that.

Apple Watch 2 release date

Apple hardly mentioned anything on Apple Watch 2 at WWDC 2016. Thus, it is unlikely to be released this year. However, some sources did mention the September release date but were unsure if it would be Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch S - a slightly refreshed version of the original Apple Watch?

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