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Bendable Phone: Samsung, Lenovo Talk Bendable Screen on Development; 2017 Release is Unlikely; Here’s Why! [RUMOR]


Bendable phone has become the talk these days as Samsung and Lenovo showed off phone concept at conferences. However, both smartphone makers are not giving any time frame on the bendable phone launch nor confirming any schedule for the release.

Samsung bendable phone delayed due to price consideration

At the Future: Mobile Conference, Samsung America CEO, Gregory Lee, explained that Samsung bendable phone will arrive albeit uncertain schedule to put them out to public. The reason? The manufacturing cost and the price that Samsung fans should pay for a foldable smartphone. Samsung does not keep a secret on the plan to build bendy phone and is somehow ready  to compete head to head against Lenovo bendable phone and LG's, Forbes reported.

Lenovo bendable phone screen is a 'major engineering challenge'

The Chinese company launched several series of Lenovo-made smartphones, Lenovo Moto Z and Moto Z Force at Tech World Conference San Francisco along with the biggest selling point - the modular mods, University Herald reported. This launch also gave visitors a glimpse of foldable phone similar to Samsung's.

Lenovo's bendy screen is displayed as wearable smartphone that almost looks like a watch. It is easy and flexible. Speaking further on the specs, Lenovo's spokesperson shared some of the handset's features including 4.26 inch display and Android OS. However, Lenovo has yet to announced any schedule on its release because the conference is somehow the time to experiment and hear what the public has to say about the foldable screen. For instance, visitors preferred inward fold than the outward fold, Crossmap reported. According to the company, it is a 'major engineering challenge'.

The next major mobile industry gathering will be held next year at the Mobile World Congress. Major smartphone makers are expected to unveil new innovation and technology updates including the bendable phone. 

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