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No More Mobile Cam Snaps during Live Events: says Apple!


Finally after neck-enlarging and throat-hurting yells by singers and live performing artists, Apple takes heed and invents an infrared emitter that eventually signals venue to block the mobile device from taking photo during a live performance!

A live performance is meant to be experienced live. This was what Adele emphasized during her latest concert to a woman standing so close to take a video of her.

Eventually, this incident is not new especially in this technologically-oriented age such that a recent system had been passed to ban mobile devices during concerts.

Apparently this recent plea by performing artists resulted to the initial banning of specific iPhone 6s, SE, and eevn Samsung S7 Edge, Galaxy J3, plus many other units from live events, concerts, cinemas, etc., the Mirror reported.

Avoiding an imminent intra-industrial squabble in the making, the giant tech company, Apple emerges as the first ever brand to work for a granted patent towards devising a complex transmission operation by distinct devices installed in venues.

On the other end of the block, several iPhone users voice out their disapproval for such move by the company, Trusted Reviews reported.  

However, Apple board representatives remain unapologetic, saying that such action is moral in dealing with the needs of what they quote as "sensitive events".

Accordingly stated by the patent's abstract form, "the image processing circuitry can determine whether each image detected by the camera includes an infrared signal with encoded data. If the image processing circuitry determines that an image includes an infrared signal with encoded data, the circuitry may route at least a portion of the image (e.g., the infrared signal) to circuitry operative to decode the encoded data", there is much of this to be expected in the upcoming latest iPhone unit releases this year, the Digital Trends reported.

Despite the limiting tone of the new iPhone units, Apple however comforts users over a catch it nicknames as "quick image info scanning".

This is an educational tool wherein when user visits a museum with less restrictive rules to camera usage, one can actually take a photo of a museum piece and have the unit download all necessary information about it.

There are a lot to expect in Apple this year- sensitivity to live performances included. After all, it remains unchallenged as a giant tech brand in the world.

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