Google’s Space VR & 3D Technology Media: Should Educators Embrace Them For Good? [VIDEO]


For a reality check, education alongside technology has evolved much faster than expected. The Space VR and 3D technology media have yielded significant potentials of prepping up students for the future. The latest Google Space Virtual reality and 3D tools have been core-tested in several elementary schools in the U.S. The results were astonishing!

A support from a relatively techy name in the industry, Ken Blakeslee chairman of WebMobility Venture, immediately surfaced after the latest schools testing project. For a fact, the WebMobility Venture had since emerged as a formidably important company based in Europe, with its main goal of helping learning communities to transition in the face of rapid technological evolution. Quite interestingly, the company had also aided large Google units during a London Technology Expo event in 2015, the Factor reported.

Further speculations have also been projected by the Aptakisic-Tripp Elementary District 102 in Buffalo Grove, one of the receiving ends of the Google's major VR Expeditions program, saying that there is an even greater force at work beyond the Space VR products distribution, the Chicago Tribune reported.

As elementary school officials would put it- there had long been an organic and intuitive bond between kids and nature. It has long been there even before technology. The technology and thus, the Space VRs, only exist as consequence from such bond.

Obviously, the younger generations are more into new technology and outputs that the older ones, the Chicago Tribune again reported.

From the core-testing of the Space VR products, many academic observers noted how the 3D instructions help students understand the world, and from that understanding, a worldview is born, Wired stated.

Arrested by everything that transpired in the core-tests, the Google experts deemed to make the Expeditions program free and accessible to all schools, the Factor again reported.

Inspired by the same results, a number of elementary schools officials in nearby Districts like Lake County, Arlington Heights-based Township High School District 214 and many others currently plead for full-pledged and improved VR access in their systems. Google responds with the usual delight, hinting a very strong education plan partnership with the schools in the future, USA Today reported.

As per status report, there is an enormous load of experience educators are yet to accumulate before finally embracing the 3D and virtual reality learning in their schools, the Factor said.

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