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Jul 05, 2016 11:39 AM EDT

Type 1 Diabetes Cure: This Artificial Organ Frees Patients from Self-Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels; Will FDA Approve It?


Type 1 diabetes cure is highly anticipated by many. So far, people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have to closely monitor their sugar blood levels and inject themselves with insulin. It can happen a few times in a day and having a time off from the monitoring would be something to look forward.

Diabetes type 1 cure: what can artificial pancreas do?

In type 1 diabetes, pancreas cannot produce insulin - the hormone responsible in removing glucose from blood. The absent of insulin causes blood sugar levels become high, Medical News Today reported.

Researchers have been working on type 1 diabetes cure and this bionic pancreas invention could lead to better type 1 diabetes treatment for patients. This artificial pancreas is working as a device to monitor patient's blood sugar levels and then automatically inject the right amount of insulin.

The artificial pancreas has become a medical breakthrough for diabetes type 1 cure and now researchers are working out to solve challenges revolving around the reliability, the fastness to deliver insulin and the convenience of this artificial pancreas.

Dr. Roman Hovorka and Hood Thabit, scientists at University of Cambridge and authors of the study, explained that the new finding can help relieve patients' pressure as they will no longer need to constantly measure blood sugar levels in making sure it does not fall to high or too low. Moreover, the device can also deliver the correct insulin amount.

Currently, people with diabetes type 1 have to use two components: the glucose meters and insulin pumps. With the new artificial pancreas, patients will have the two parts joined into a closed loop. The bionic pancreas has been tested in several patients and showing positive result - giving them a time-off for monitoring the blood sugar levels Eureka Alert reported.

Researchers have also used the artificial pancreas in different settings such as in real homes and diabetes camps. The result? A better glucose control than the current technology.

When will this artificial pancreas available for diabetes type 1?

The device is currently waiting for FDA approval. It will be available in 2018 in the US. Type 1 diabetes affects more than 1 million children and adults in the US.

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