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‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ Update: Nintendo 3DS Welcomes 7 New Pokémon; Know Their Names, Skills & Poké Types [VIDEO PRIMER]


"Pokémon Sun and Moon's latest video was in Japanese while its English version has not been released yet. However, the names of the new Pokémon have been discovered. They were Drampa, Cutiefly, Togedemaru, Bruxish, Charjabug, Vikavolt and Tapu Koko which players may catch when Nintendo 3DS games "Pokémon Sun and Moon" are released on November 18, Polygon wrote.

The most interesting part of this revelation is learning what these new Pokemon are. The most significant questions, however, are what these Pokémon are capable of and what type of Pokémon they are. Polygon conducted a research to know more about them which it successfully published.

Meet the seven new Pokémon in "Pokémon Sun and Moon":


Pokémon Type: Electric/Fairy-Type

Leading the Nintendo 3DS games is Tapu Koko. This electric/fairy type was brought into battle by its powerful trainer Hala. Tapu Koko was also the second Pokémon with that type matching aside from Dedenne. Unlike its contemporary, Tapu Koko was based from vicious insects rather than fluffy rodents. It looks more like a mosquito or gnat of some kinds.


Pokémon Type: Flying/Fairy-Type

Cutiefly bears a resemblance to both a hummingbird and a mosquito. In the video, Cutiefly was first caught in action as it unleashes an airborne assault on a Pancham. This Pokémon lives up to the first part of its name and is truly cute. 


Pokémon Type: Electric-Type

Togedemaru is not the traditional electric rat but a creature made of part-steel. Togedemaru was not shown in action in the video but based on its built it shows that enemies will have a hard time in a match. Additionally, this Pokémon has two interesting qualities. Firstly, Togedemaru boxes a punch with its Discharge attack. The second one is its extreme cuteness. 


Pokémon Type: Electric/Bug-Type

Charjabug resembles a combination of a bomb shelter and a festooned garbage truck. Although bearing the worst name among the group, Charjabug delivered an electric-charged tackle against Popplio.


Pokémon Type: Electric/Bug-Type

Vikavolt is part-bug and part-electric. But unlike Tapu Koko, it has a clear inspiration - a beetle! This electric bug is not afraid to bite and was equiooed with a Zap Cannon. Based on the battle, it goes to show that even the most harmless Pokémon pre-evolution can turn out to be the scariest-looking. 


Pokémon Type: Water/Psychic-Type

Bruxish has the special ability to amaze its opponents maybe because of its very colorful and exuberant display of appearance. It has only one known move - the Psywave! Bruxish performs the move againsta the opposing Pikachu, causing slight damage on the electric-type Pokémon. 


Pokémon Type: Normal/Dragon-Type

Drampa is "Pokémon Sun and Moon's best addition to the Pokédex. Drampa is the fisrt a normal/dragon-type Pokémon. For all we know, Drampa had had a cameo before in a dream. Drampa is basically Puff the Magic Dragon, if you switch the magic bag for the frightening Dragon Breath attack. Drampa the Magic Dragon is the star of "Pokémon Sun and Moon" latest trailer. 


Gotta Catch up more Pokémon in Nintendo 3DS games "Pokémon Sun and Moon", including its starters trio, legendaries and the seven new additional characters!

You can also see the new Pokemon trailer below. Tell us which among the seven new "Pokémon Sun and Moon" characters you liked most at the comment section below.


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