Oculus Rift 'Unblocks' HTC Vive after Consumers Outrage: Games are Playable Cross-Platform Again

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Oculus Rift's hardware check did not allow other VR headsets to play their games. It was indeed a frustrating thing for VR enthusiasts. The DRM hardware check locked down the games if the system detects non-Oculus headset is being used.

Now that Oculus finally removed DRM implementation, the Oculus Rift games can finally be played using HTC Vive VR.

Consumer backlash made Oculus Rifts reconsidered its decision

There were many consumer complaints on the restriction. Oculus then changed its move by removing the DRM. Speaking to Ars Technica, Oculus claimed that it will no longer implement the DRM as hardware check. This means, any game on Oculus store is playable with HTC Vive VR, Bit-Tech reported.

Oculus Rift's announcement

The sudden shift towards dumping DRM hardware check was a surprise. Consumers were mad because the decision made by Oculus was unpopular - blocking the fan-developed Revive app and caused consumers outrage because they cannot access Oculus Rift games with HTC Vive. The decision to strip out the DRM hardware check is a great move by far.

As long as users own the official software, users can expect to play Oculus games collection in HTC Vive VR with Revive patch, Escapist reported.

It is still unclear whether the DRM hardware check removal is temporary or permanent. Oculus only wants to make sure that users are using official software and not intent to announce how long until a new 'restriction' locks the game.

It is now possible to play Oculus Rifts games on HTC Vive VR headsets

The DRM hardware check has caused more trouble than not since it is reportedly increasing piracy. Thus, the company tries to revise the anti-piracy system by removing the Rift hardware check. According to the VR developer, the company tries to protect contents. Hence, the steps are necessary. However, fans continued to assume that Oculus was trying to make the games exclusive and turned out it didn't work out.

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