Google Nexus 2016 Phone, Specs, Release Date: The Next Nexus Phone is Named HTC Marlin?


Google Nexus 2016 Phone rumors have been swirling around the specs but little did we know that this smartphone is HTC-built device.

It seems like the previous rumors on Google Nexus 7 may no longer be valid since there is a new leak of the smartphone stating that it will be named HTC Marlin.

Google Nexus 2016 HTC

Rumors leak indicate two versions of Google Nexus 2016 phone. Both devices are expected to be developed for high-end range. The Google Nexus 2016 HTC phones are said to be called HTC Marlin and Sailfish, Pocket-Lint reported.

Google Nexus 2016 HTC specs

Before the rumors revealed HTC Nexus specs, there were news on Google Nexus 7 which will arrive this year. However, after a render on HTC Nexus 2016 leaked on the internet, this might be another clue on the smartphone's design that is similar to HTC 10.

The Taiwanese phonemaker might make Google Nexus 2016 HTC with similar design and place premium features for higher specs, IBTimes reported.

Another speculation on the HTC Nexus specs include 4 GB of RAM and possible Android Nutella with better specs than the previous Nexus 5X that's packed with 5.2 inch display, 12.3 MP rear camera and runs Android Marshmallow.

Google Nexus 2016 HTC price

If the rumor about Google Nexus 2016 HTC Marlin as premium flagship is true, then the price might be between $400 and $500. HTC mid-range smartphones are usually priced around $300. Thus, the HTC Marlin and Sailfish, dubbed as high-end devices, could be a lot more expensive than that.

Google Nexus 2016 release date

Nexus 5X has been on sales and this could indicate the upcoming Google Nexus 2016 to arrive soon. Rumors on the release date of HTC Nexus indicate that the phone will be released sometime in October after all of the Android developer preview milestones have been reached.

What do you think about Google Nexus 2016 HTC? Have you heard any other rumors around the flagship?

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