iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Dual-Lens Camera; No Headphone Jack; Exclusive Wireless EarBuds Coming Soon?


The iPhone 7 release date is still months away and growing evidences circle around the iPhone 7's and 7 Plus' camera and headphone jack.

iPhone 7 will have larger rear camera?

A recent leak depicts an image of iPhone 7 back chassis that shows off larger rear camera. A French site Nowhereelse uploaded the image of iPhone 7. It appears that the camera cut-out is larger with a pill-shaped design. This could mean that the rumors on iPhone 7 exclusive specs with large rear camera might be true, Inquistr reported. iPhone 7 handset will have 4.7 inch display

iPhone 7 Specs: iPhone 7 Plus will have no headphone jack?

Whilst rumors hint on the presence of headphone jack on iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus handset will not have it. The variant will likely use Bluetooth connection or Lightning port for its audio need, MacRumors reported. iPhone 7 Plus is said to have 5.5 inch display.

However, it is uncertain whether iPhone 7 will still have headphone jack because Apple is said to release wireless Ear Buds for $99 - dubbed as the perfect add-on for iPhone 7, Forbes reported. If rumors are true, this means that iPhone 7 family will have no headphone jack at all.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus specs

Previously, a rumor cited from a credible source explained that the new iPhone 7 will have two SIM slots. This means that this will be the first time Apple releases dual SIM phone. Another speculation also hints on the phone being able to have different carriers.

Other specs include dustproof chassis and no physical home button. iPhone 7 series might boast Qualcomm or Intel processor.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Multiple sources on Apple iPhone 7 release date will be in September this year. There have been rumors around the flagships' names include iPhone 7, 7 Plus  and 7 Pro but Apple has not confirmed anything on this. 

What other rumors have you heard on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus? 

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