iOS 10 Beta Release Date, Feature: Apple Devices that Run iOS 10; Unencrypted Kernel is Intentionally Made?


iOS 10 was previewed at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco and now the iOS 10 beta has been downloaded and tested by developers and some of them realized there has been a security flaw. Is this intentionally made by Apple?

iOS 10 Beta Unencrypted Kernel intentionally made?

The latest iOS 10 features have been widely explained and listed but one mistake that seems to be a huge thing, is that the iOS 10 does not have its Kernel encrypted. What does this mean?

Simply put, the unencrypted Kernel will enable Apple users to access the OS and could break the security system - making it easy to jailbreak. The rumors quickly swirl around the mistake that Apple could deliberately make so that they receive more software's bug reports. Could Apple actually create such security flaw?

Apple has not given any confirmation on the encryption flaw but the lack of security system in its software could likely be done by choice because it is unlikely for the tech giant to create such error. Jonathan Zdziarski, security specialist, commented on Apple unencrypted Kernel, by stating that the flaw is like forgetting to place a door on an elevator, TechCrunch reported.

 iOS 10 features

iOS 10 features allow the new Apple devices to have some major upgrades including the Siri's appearance on desktop. Apple Music also received a major upgrade on the design - making it more user-friendly. You can find information on MacOS Sierra in University Herald article.

iOS 10 jailbreak already available

As a matter of fact, in just a few weeks after its beta release, iOS 10 has been jailbroken by a credible hacker under the name of iH8sn0w. The hacker managed to upload a video, demonstrating how easy it is to do iOS 10 jailbreak. In his Twitter account, he tweeted about iOS 10 jailbreak for his iPhone 5 and the Cydia is said to have no problem running in his iPhone 5, University Herald reported.

iOS 10 features can be used by the following Apple devices as a free upgrade

-          iPad Mini 2

-          iPad 4

-          iPhone 5

-          iPod Touch 6

iOS 10 release date

iOS 10 beta testing is now available for developers but public should expect the release in September, probably with the launch of the newest iPhone.

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