‘Despite Calls to Bring Him Back, Art Briles Unlikely Be Reinstated in 2017’


            Some of Baylor's donors have been pushing the school's regents to bring back former head football coach Art Briles in 2017. But despite the efforts of the minority, Art Briles will unlikely be reinstated in 2017.

            An anonymous source told USA TODAY that there is indeed a small group of people in the school's Board of Regents voicing out to reinstate Art Briles as football coach in 2017. However, the person said that the numbers are very few.

            WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas cited an unnamed Baylor donor. The donor said that boosters are not calling for the reinstatement of Briles. They only ask to give him a chance to offer a defense to the Board of Regents. Also, the source said that donors who supports Briles will not pull their money from the university if the coach is not reinstated

            Briles was suspended on May 26 'with intent to terminate' for his role on the allegedly sexual assault scandal which also caused the dismissal from post of school president Ken Starr, director of athletics Ian McCaw, and two other workers in football operations.

            In a statement, Briles said that he was not aware of the contents of the report compiled by the Pepper Hamilton law firm -which assessed how Baylor handled the complaints on sexual assault. Even though the findings was not made public, the 13-page summary was critical to the culture of the football program.

            In replacement for Art Briles, Baylor hired Wake Forest's former coach Jim Grobe.

            Art Briles' coaching skills was the one that brought Baylor from the bottom of the Big 12 to perennial national title contender.

            Several incoming freshmen commits of Baylor expressed their desired to de-commit and attend another school.

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