Harvard Creates A Medical App Called Aspirin Guide To Help Physicians


Another innovation that will help implementing findings easier, and this is the first time that a medical, clinical decision app has been released with a major study.

Aspirin is renown as a reliever for pain from muscle aches, tooth aches, head aches and common colds. Aside from that, daily intake of aspirin can help prevent heart problems. Experts said, daily use of  of low-dose aspirin to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Giving a prescription for aspirin should undergo a process. Doctors are responsible to in deciding whether a patient is eligible to use aspirin for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and this is a complicated process because it involves assessing whether the benefits of taking low-dose (about 75 to 80 mg) aspirin outweigh the risks for each individual.

Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School created a medical app that they named as Aspirin Guide. The app helps physicians define which patients are eligible for the use of low dose aspirin of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or ASCVD, and this is based on an associated study that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine: Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, iMedical Apps reported.

The authors recommend physicians to download this Aspirin Guide app as it could help them implement the findings of the study, and the app lets them to practice evidence based medicine in real time. Patients can also benefit from using this app as they will be informed about the aspirin use, Medical Daily reported.

Dr. Samia Mora, one of the researchers who created the app, said, they developed the medical app because they realized that weighing the risks and benefits of aspirin for each individual, whether have not had a heart attack or stroke, is a complex process. She added that the app offers individualized benefit to risk assessment in a few seconds while the patient is with the physician.

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