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Steam Summer Sale 2016 Start Date: Game Discounts to Start on June 23?


Online gamers are waiting and buzzing about steep discounts on various games offered by Valve.

As of writing this article, no confirmation yet announced about the exact date of game discount from Valve. However, rumor suggests that it will run from June 23 to July 4.

The speculation started when a redditor under the name of MMrFreemanBBQ posted a screenshot, which is believed to be a screenshot of Valve's planned date for 2016. However, the speculation seems true as Paypal UK announced on Twitter that Steam Games sale will start on June 23.

It looks like MrFreemanBBQ predicted the Steam Summer Sale by Valve because Paypal announced the starting date on June 16. As online users continue talking about sale, Valve did not release a statement to prevent games list predictions.

Following the sale rumor, the list of Playstation Plus: Free Games surfaced online. The free games list includes "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture," "Watch Dogs," "Resident Evil HD Remaster," "Infamous Second Son," and "The Evil Within."

Valve requested confidentiality from publishers when it comes gaming discounts, Kit Guru reported, however, after a couple of years, the release of the announcement has become earlier. It seems Valve has nothing to do when it comes to announcing Steam games discount as, apparently, the publishers and even are allowed to sort out their own discounts and store pages.

Meanwhile, owners of the Hard Reset Redux and Shadow Warrior may rejoice as the remastered version of cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset is now available on Steam, and they can get it at a steep discount, Game Spot reported. Hard Reset Redux debuted on Steam on June 6 for $20 for a limited time, so it means anyone can get it for 10% off, or a gamer can get the remastered version for $18.

For those who own the original version of Hard Reset and/or another one of developer Flying Wild Hog's games, 2013's Shadow Warrior, the discount jumps up to 85 percent, thus bringing Redux's price down to just $3.

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