Birth Control Apps: A New Tech Brings A New Changer Among Women

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There is no need to visit a doctor because there are several apps that can be used by any women to get birth control.

Lemonaid app is a popular app that most women use to get birth control. Aside this app, Virtuwell, Nurx, and Maven are apps that should never ignore for getting birth control.

How these apps work? Women are required to fill out a questionnaire and send a photo for verification. These requirements will be reviewed  by a doctor, ABC reported. There are some apps allow user to Facetime a physician.

Lemonaid is among apps that require a woman to answer some basic questions about their health. After submitting, the form, a doctor will review her medical information, and then send a prescription for birth control to a nearby pharmacy. After the woman phone called with a doctor, Lemonaid, which requires $15 fee, will send three months' worth of birth control pills the next day.

Another option is The Planned Parenthood, The Frisky reported. This app also offers free UTI consultation over video call with a doctor(s), however the app does not include care in every state yet. Those women who live in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, and Washington are lucky as they can take advantage of the app and possibly have their birth control costs covered.

Women between ages of 15 and 19 are most likely to be sexually active and some of them did not use any form of contraception, according to the Guttmacher Institute. These apps will help spread awareness about birth control and let women learn and understand more about their health. The birth control apps will help lower the rates of teenage pregnancy, and benefit teenage girls who want to continue pursuing their educations and professional pursuits.

Women can purchase birth control pills in Oregon and California even without a prescription. So for those who are not living in these two states, the birth control apps would bring convenience to women living in different states.

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