Is Coconut Oil A Cholesterol Villain?


Coconut oil has been promoted as 'good' fat - a healthier alternative to animal fats. Does it really have that health trait?

When it comes to cholesterol, doctors would advise patients to reduce their LDL cholesterol levels. Based on the guidelines from National Cholesterol Education Program, LDL level should be less than 100 mg/dL.

An article in Cspinet explains how coconut oil is different from the rest. Coconut oil contains 60 percent MCTs that's easily burned to create less fat deposits. It does not directly link to health-related disease risks such as stroke. A study on the diseases showed that patients who consume 63 percent of coconut fat improved their LDL level.

Further studies on coconut oil found that it was not the saturated fat that caused the high cholesterol level. The fact that coconut oil lowers down triglycerides and insulin level are among many other positive benefits that people can obtain. There is no reason to stay away from healthy saturated fat like coconuts.

Cholesterol does not predict heart disease accurately

A study on heart diseases found that inflammation is one of the trigger; but coconut oil promotes anti-inflammatory. Hence, it is advised to conduct further health examination, specifically on cholesterol particle size.

Answering the question, saturated fat is not the only factor that worsens blood levels. Instead, a study in NCBI journal on cardiovascular disease explains that carbs such as soda, alcohol, and sweetened drinks could create more liver fats. Instead, health fats and meat show the opposite.

The test you need to take

Eat Fat Get Thin, an eBook that guides patients to get what they need from their doctors, explains that you should take NMR Lipid Panel test or Cardio IQ test. Both will report damaged arteries and inflammations due to cholesterol.

How to live healthy?

According to the Dietary Guideline for Americans, limiting sugars in the diet will effectively improve cholesterol level. It helps reducing obesity and heart-related disease risks. It also suggests adding healthy fats and getting rid of refined carbs.

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