Memory Loss From Alzheimer's Disease is Reversible: First Study Ever to Find 'Easier' Method to Treat Alzheimer Condition!


Memory loss in Alzheimer's disease can be reversed using combination treatments. A recently published research, done by teams from UCLA Easton Laboratories for Neurodegenerative Disease Research and Buck Institute for Research on Aging, found that 10 elderly patients are reportedly experiencing improvements in cognitive functions, Buck Institute claimed.

Memory loss reversible using combination of treatments

Scientists use different treatments based on each patient's condition - personalized program such as diet, exercise, cognitive stimulation, sleep pattern, specific medications and brain-chemistry improvement, as published in Impact Aging paper.

One patient, a 66 years old man was diagnosed with cognitive impairment in mild stage. After being closely monitored, the patient showed an improvement in hippocampal volume up to 75 percent which means a 12-percent volume increase.

The scientists also applied the quantitative neuropsychological testing and personalized treatments to 69-year old businessman who was not able to recognize faces at work. He reportedly improved his memory after being able to remember his schedule and recognize the faces of his employees, Inquistr reported.

Another patient also showed improvements on the mental clarity and reading ability after going through 9 months of therapy programs. The research finds that the cognitive decline is no longer present.

Patients showed improvements after receiving the varied treatments based on their conditions. The approach can be used to treat Alzheimer's disease by applying certain dietary and healthy lifestyle combined with medicines. The approach is also useful to treat dementia and maintain cognitive health in elderly, Pulse Headlines reported.

Moreover, scientists encouraged patients to identify APOE4 genetic status earlier because it will be benefit for the Alzheimer prevention. APOE4 is a genetic risk factor that could develop into Alzheimer disease.

The news also confirmed the research as the 'first scientific study that proves memory loss is reversible' and it gives scientists easier methods on how to treat Alzheimer's disease.

This trial has created striking results which could benefit for more treatments developed. Currently, 5 million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

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