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Lego May Have Revealed The Main Villain For Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'


A photo of the Lego set of Marvel's "Doctor Strange" may have revealed the upcoming film's main villain.

An image of the Lego set have been making rounds over the internet, and fans may have spoilers presented onto them, as Cosmic Book News reported.

The set depicts Doctor Strange in a battle at his Sanctum Santorum with Baron Modo, along with Wong and an unidentified creature with tentacles. Fans speculate that the creature is Shuma-Gorath.

The toy company has yet to confirm, nor deny the seemingly spoiler-laden play-set, but critics predict that Lego would remain silent over the issue. Although, Lego has acted to take down photos of the set from the internet.

Fans had taken this action as affirmation that the display may have revealed earlier than expected. Marvel's "Doctor Strange" had little to show fans what the movie is about other than what, or whom "created" Doctor Strange, according to the Movie Pilot.

The three characters displayed in the piece is Doctor Strange, which would be played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the film; Wong, of which will be played by Benedict Wong; and Baron Mordo, with Chiwetel Eijofor is set to portray.

Marvel's "Doctor Strange" follows the story of Doctor Stephen Strange, as of whom is a neurosurgeon. The trailer revealed that the story would take place during Strange's early stages, before transforming into what the fans have come to know as "Doctor Strange."

The story starts with Strange suffering a tragic car accident, then proceeds to recover, and eventually train to discover the astonishing world of magic, and alternate dimensions.

The upcoming film is the latest in a series of movies rolled out by Marvel. "Doctor Strange" is part of the Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latest phase in the MCU is reported to be a way to introduce, or in some cases, re-introduce, fan-favorite characters to audiences with nine films over the course of four years.

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