Nintendo NX Release Date: Game Console to Debut at UK's EGX 2016, Available in 2017 [RUMOR]

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Nintendo NX is likely not to debut at E3 2016 but a survey on the next EGX 2016 hints that it will likely to appear on the UK's biggest game event. 

The rumor quickly spreads after UK's EGX 2016 conducted a survey that asked participants to pick some of the consoles they wish to play at the event. Hence, as many players are curious on Nintendo NX, it might be playable on the UK's biggest games event.

Appearing on question no.7, the SurveyMonkey asked "Which platform would you anticipate playing most at this year's EGX?" The options include PS4, PC, HTC Vive, Xbox One, Playstation VR, Wii U and many other gaming consoles.

Nintendo NX release is rumored to be March next year and given the few months countdown, the console could already be developed and perfected. Thus, it is likely to show up at the EGX 2016 for a test to the audience before the official release. Nintendo is expected to reveal Nintendo NX specs and features at the event.

There is no assurance except for the clue obtained from the survey. Weeks before the event, fans who purchased tickets can fill in the poll regarding everything on EGX 2016 including the upcoming games and consoles they wish to see, MNR Daily reported.

Nintendo has also made an announcement on Zelda series which will be released on Wii U and NX. The Nintendo NX production is apparently postponed because Nintendo has to work on VR feature that will be integrated in the console, WCCTech reported.

The UK's EGX 2016 event will take place at the NEC, Birmingham from 22 to 25 September this year. The British biggest game event will exhibit the best console and PC games before their release date. Many world renowned creators and designers will also present their games' features on the event.

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