PS4 Neo 2016 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Top Execs Hint Launch, Specs Of PS4 Neo To The Upcoming E3 2016 [VIDEO]

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E3 Conference 2016 is just two weeks away, and the gaming world is lacking space rumors coming out after another rumor! One is Microsoft and Xbox's new console PS4 Neo 2016. Although these companies are mum on the matter, Gamestop CEO Paul Raines chose to throw some hints thru an interview with Fox Business.

According to Raines, he and team would love to hear some new virtual reality and some new consoles coming in. He then dropped off the bomb by revealing that it will be heard at E3 Conference 2016, Fox Business reported.

The PS4 Neo 2016 is expected to launch during Tokyo Games Show this September, VRWorld said. However, Sony will be having the announcement earlier at Sony's E3 show in June 2016, Digital Spy suggested. The press conference will take place on June13, Forbes reported.

Meanwhile, the project is internally known as NEO and will feature a clock speed higher than the original PS4. Its GPU will be improved and with higher bandwidth on the memory. NEO will also have eight Jaguar CPU cores running at 2.1GHz instead of PS4's 1.6GHz, an better AMD GCN with 36 instead of 18 CUs running at the 911MHz higher rate than 800MHz and faster and bigger GDDR5 memory (8GB at 218GB/s rather than 176GB/s), Giant Bomb reported.

PlayStation users who do not want to upgrade to the Neo console version will fortunately not be getting its own games or exclusive features, Giant Bomb added. Starting this October every PS4 game will come with a "NEO" mode and a "base" mode, making it attuned with either console. Since the NEO supports 4K, players will be able to keep the games bought on PS4 and the games would not have to be repurchased.


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