'Street Fighter II' Mysterious Characters Gets Names; 'Street Fighter V' Ibuki Ninja Trailer Releases [VIDEO]


Capcom has finally put some questions to rest regarding their iconic game "Street Fighter II." The two mysterious characters fighting at the opening credits of the game are named Max and Scott. Max is the fighter with the blonde hair and white shirt while Scott is the shirtless man with black hair. The company also shed light on their backgrounds as well and as to why they are fighting in the first place.

Max and Scott, not Mike and Joe

Capcom's Max and Scott were not characters that were playable in neither the game nor any of the games after that, Comic Book reported. Before their names were released in "Street Fighter II", gamers used to think they were named Mike and Joe, not Max and Scott. It was uncovered by a poster on Reddit who unearthed the information on a Capcom blog.

Furthermore, it was revealed that recently named "Street Fighter II" characters, Scott had a boxing career before he turned into a bar bouncer while Max is an MMA athlete. The two regularly get into fights because of gambling problems.

Capcom Releases New and Improved Ibuki in a New Trailer

The female ninja Ibuki is hardly a newcomer in the "Street Fighter" games and collabs. Appearing first in "Street Fighter III" and appearing again in "Super Street Fighter IV," it will be her third appearance in the newest game.

 She was recently revealed by Capcom by giving her own reveal trailer in "Street Fighter V." In the trailer, it was noted that she has improved moves and techniques, Hardcore Gamer shared. In addition to her ninja mobility, Ibuki can now use her kunai weapons on the ground, throw bombs and glide smoothly like Dhalsim. Kotaku pointed out that the new trailer had an anomaly as the mouse icon can be visible for a few seconds before it vanishes.

Are you excited for the reveal of other characters for "Street Fighter V?" Will we see improved moves and techniques like Ibuki too? Let us know what you think below.

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