Career Services And Academic Advising: Which Of The Two Fields Assure A Better Job Outlook?


Making a choice between an internship in career services, or one in academic advising can be really tricky, but thankfully people who can help are within reach - in fact, just a post away.

With over 1,000 subscribers the Student Affairs subreddit is bustling with activities. About a month ago, a subscriber (username: littlemermayd) looking for suggestions in terms of whether he or she should opt for an internship in career services or in academic advising, posted a thread titled "Career Services vs. Academic Advising" on Reddit.

The post inquired about pay of each area, need, future growth and the job outlook.

The thread received several responses that were well balanced with advising (career as well as academic) being dubbed as a good functional area based on professional selection. Some comments noted the existence of blended (hybrid) positions. There can be a lot of overlap between career advising and academics, Inside Higher Red reported.

In what may be quite embarrassing for most academic advisers, one commenter pointed out that academic advisers need to be more concerned about computer-run systems eventually taking their jobs.

This comment accentuates disconnect that has prevailed for years with advising systems and technology. That said, academic advisers who are concerned about technology taking over jobs, desperately needs a professional refresh. Technology actually helps advisers perform more efficiently by boosting their ability to relate with students.

The key is to remember that advising, whether academic or career, is all about teaching and development. It is not an authoritarian activity.

As far as the original poster of the thread is concerned, an internship opportunity in career services or academic advising will eventually help in professional development that will not only enhance, and create but also build skills that will come in handy during future career ventures.

What would be your advice to this student? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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