Community College Students Who Became Famous; Actors, Politicians And Others In The List!


Looks like a good news for those prepping to attend a community college in the fall, as they'd not only be in good, but also famous company.

These notable figures enrolled in community colleges, however not all of them earned the graduation degree from the two-year institutions they attended - some transferred, while other left school to go after acting gigs.

George Lucas

Filmmaker, entrepreneur who created hit franchises such as "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones," went to Modesto Junior College. Still in high school in 2010, Lucas was not quite interested in going to school, but wanted to work on cars instead. Lucas was involved in a bad car accident just before his graduation.

While spending that summer in the hospital, Lucas made a decision to take education more seriously and go to community college.

Walt Disney

Probably world's most popular animator, voice actor, entrepreneur and film producer who is is best known as the creator of the much-adored character, Mickey Mouse (1928).

Disney went to Metropolitan Junior College in Missouri.

Disney along with his team earned seven Emmys and 48 Academy Awards throughout his lifetime.

Jim Wright

Wright, a Texas-based Democratic U.S. Congressman who went to Weatherford Community College just for a year before transferring to the University of Texas at Austin, but never graduated.

The former speaker of the house (1987 to 1989), was born in Fort Worth, Texas. In December 1941, Wright joined the U.S. Army Air Force. Before he was found guilty of various loans and savings scandals, Wright served as the Mayor of Weatherford for four years (1950 - 1954), according to reports on Business Insider.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the most popular bodybuilders who made quite an impression as an actor, and later as the 38th Governor of California (2003 - 2011).

The "Predator" star opened-up during a commercial speech held at Santa Monica College a few years ago, and noted that he has taken English as a second language course. He had a lot of fun in English class as the teachers were really helpful. This inspired the 69-year-old former governor of California also noted that community college can actually be a good choice for international students who want to develop their English skills, according to reports on US News.

Tom Hanks

The "Forrest Gump" actor attended Chabot College.

Hanks attributed his achievements to Chabot College, Hayward where he studied theater before transferring to California State University, Sacramento. Affordability was one of the key factors that compelled Hanks to attend community college.

There are several other popular distinguished people who have spent time on community college campuses.

After getting graduated from a community college, several students transfer either to liberal arts college or university for about two or three years in order to conclude their bachelor's degree.

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