UC Berkeley Commencement Speech 2016: Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on Loss, Resilience [WATCH FULL VIDEO]


Sheryl Sandberg commencement speech at UC Berkeley highlights about her loss and life after husband, Dave Goldberg, passed away.

Sheryl Sandberg commencement at UC Berkeley is said to be a very personal and moving story about loss and resilience. The Facebook Chief Operating Officer discussed all the lessons she learned after Sandberg's husband died in 2015.

For the record, the "Lean In" book author had never spoken to public about her grief until she shared it with University of California, Berkeley graduation ceremony. And here are the important highlights to take note of Sheryl Sandberg UC Berkeley commencement speech 2016.

Sheryl Sandberg husband's death

The Silicon Valley representative claims that she did a research on dealing with grief, Huffington Post reported. She looked through Martin Seligman's study and learned about Personalization, Pervasiveness and Permanence.

On personalization, Sandberg speech stresses on how everything that happens in one's life isn't always their faults. She used to blame herself when Goldberg died of coronary disease. She learned not to take failure too personal.

On pervasiveness, Sandberg said that it could happen to anyone - the belief that everything is awful but after she started to get back to work and had a meeting in Facebook office, she learned that everybody is loving. And for a few seconds, she forgot about the grief because she was busy. She realized that she should be grateful for the jobs, for her children and even for the time off she allowed to take. She gradually sees that her children can play more and cry less.

On permanence, she asked her rabbi for advice, and he told her to 'lean in to the suck' and accept the feeling. But one thing to remember is that it does not last forever.

Sheryl Sandberg Berkeley speech advices class 2016 to build resilience

It is in time of tragedy that a person can build resilience to go through anything. She recalled that she was finally able to find gratitude after her husband's sudden death, the Fortune has learned.

She concludes her Berkeley commencement speech by saying, "Lift each other up and celebrate each and every moment of joy."

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