These 5 U.S. Universities Are Statistically Sending More MBA Graduates To Dream Jobs


Modern facilities, certified curriculum and award-winning academic programs? There are many innovative business schools offering excellent studies that can equip students with skills, but are these enough to get MBA graduates land their dream job?

After conducting a survey among 470 universities and requesting their database of 2015 graduates, Business Management Degree concluded that education seekers could now have more deciding factors besides the school's academic program.

The recent employment statistics found that the Coastal Carolina University tops the list of the best universities with all of its MBA graduates being employed. The report was given by each university voluntarily. The data, which is claimed to have a high accuracy level, ranks schools based on the number of students hired after graduation.

Here are the five U.S universities with the highest ranks, according to U.S. News:

1. Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University is known for its MBA advanced program that prepares students for versatile professional careers. The university recorded 38 graduates last year, who all manage to land full-time jobs.

2. University of South Florida

A hundred percent of its MBA graduates are having a career as full-time employees.

3. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark and New Brunswick

This state Uni has its 59 MBA graduates seeking employment but only 98.3 percent are reportedly hired.

4. University of Iowa

About 98 percent of all MBA graduates from the University of Iowa got full-time jobs three months after graduation.

5. Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge

The Louisiana State University listed 42 MBA graduates, 98 percent of which are getting their jobs.

Often times, Americans find it hard to decide exactly which school to enroll despite the flawless profiles of many universities. With this list being published, parents and students can have wider options when deciding which room to grow, especially for those with specific needs that could be critical for their future.

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