'Destiny Rise Of Iron' : Is The Next Big Expansion After 'The Taken King'


In the midst of Activision's recent announcement revealing that fans won't be seeing a sequel to the popular first-person shooter "Destiny" anytime soon, the internet is buzzing with details about the upcoming expansion to the game.

A recently posted thread on Reddit divulged the expansion's marketing material, dubbed "Rise of Iron." The poster shows Lord Saladin from Destiny's "Iron Banner."

The "Rise of Iron" expansion will boast a new raid and will be bigger as compared to "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves," both year-one DLC packs. The upcoming expansion's raid will be influenced by one that was cut from "House of Wolves," reports Kotaku.

With "Rise of Iron" replacing Destiny's sequel this year, Kotaku noted that "Destiny 2" was originally rebooted with Luke Smith (director, The Taken King) taking the reins of that project following a Bungie staff reorganization. The new raid will revolve around "Fallen with a twist."

This probably stems from the departure of Harold Ryan, former Bungie president who left in January. The last considerable update to "Destiny" came in September last year in "Destiny: The Taken King."

With the next significant expansion not slated to come anytime soon, it remains to be seen if players of the popular first-person shooter will stand by, reports NDTV Gadgets.

Irrespective of how big, even something like "The Taken King" eventually gets old once players have ran through the content and entered into the endgame grind. That said, "Rise of Iron" will not only need to provide players with adequate new content to keep them occupied for about 2 months, but will also need to come up with systems that keep "Destiny" from falling into the content trap that players are currently in by leveraging all the content "Destiny" has created to date.

Destiny players will have to wait and watch what Bungie has in the cards for them right after "Rise of Iron" and before "Destiny 2" makes an appearance. With E3 2016 closing in, players would be hoping that their wait won't be too long.

"Rise of Iron" was slated to launch in April but's release was postponed.

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