‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ Release Date, Updates: 'WoW' Sixth Expansion Gears Up Massive Change In MMORPG Formula; PvP Mode


"World Of Warcraft's" sixth expansion is slated to hit the gaming world on August 30 bringing "World of Warcraft: Legion." This latest update to WoW is expected to massively impact to MMORPG formula, focusing specifically on player versus player mode or the PvP combat.

A new Blizzard update chopped down several changes to PvP mode to bring "more accessible, balanced and rewarding" combat feel in WoW experience. "World of Warcraft: Legion" will offer a big change in PvP systems to make the interception against fellow players more comfortable. Gamers will find these big changes in the gears with the way it affects both the character in PvP and the way they are awarded.

The main objective of World of Warcraft: Legion and the changes to PvP combat is to provide players a reward or so in focusing on this method of fighting. For example, gear will be awarded to players for many forms in the game, through: quests and boss fights. And since they may turn extremely powerful with the right gear, it can really change the way players participate in the game, the Blizzard update read.

With many solutions attempted and rejected, coming up with a high level gear work in a PvP-combat-focused mode was really hard-hitting. Using a sort of algorithm, the finished product provides players an even support stat and enhancing it according to the player's average gear level.

Therefore, players would realize that their stats did not come from gear. Instead, what matters is the quality of their gear. The system stats have been increased by 0.1 percent for every point above item level 800. At this time, it means that someone with item level 900 gear is only 10 percent stronger than a player with item level 800 gear.

These changes in the formula are just the kick-off to what World of Warcraft: Legion will bring to revolutionize the game with the PvP combat that it includes. Click here to read about the recent update.

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