EA Access Expands Gaming Title Vault: “Star Wars Battlefront,” “Need For Speed” Available At EA Access Soon


Despite receiving mixed reviews back in 2014, EA Access now evolves into one of the optimum services in the gaming world. This Electronic Arts product is now anticipated to expand its vault for new titles added in their select game list, which will soon include "Star Wars Battlefront" and "Need For Speed".

"Star Wars Battlefront"

"Star Wars Battlefront" is accessed with a built-in offline mode according to Tech News Today. Although its first-person shooter is played online, the games' offline mode uses bots. "Star Wars Battlefront" entry to EA Access is favored to turn out as one of the front-liners in the console gaming industry.

"Need For Speed"

Forza Motorsport 6 and "Need For Speed" made it big in 2015. While Forza is exclusive to Xbox One exclusive, the "Need For Speed" revamp was made available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. "Need For Speed" took a year gap before being released which brought the sequence to its "Underground" storyline with a new twist, TNT reported. As if "Need For Speed" merged "The Division," it has completely been an online game where players have to log on to the "NFS" servers.

The All-Drive feature in its previous versions was alive and kicking all over. In "NFS" Rivals players were allowed to turn it off to play offline. Meanwhile, in the "NFS" reboot, to play without an Internet connection is impossible. The gameplay is notably impressive enough for fans to keep persistent gaming although the acting is just average and the story is not to write home about, TNT said. Things could have been better if the games would be playable in offline status.

For just $4.99 monthly, gamers could have a fine service from EA Access is a fine service and it provides access to its expanding library of over 15 gaming titles and "Play First" trials for future releases with discounts on digital sale, TNT added. EA Access would possibly become one of the hottest tickets in console gaming with the arrival of "Star Wars Battlefront" and "NFS."

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