'Fallout 4' Upcoming DLC: Dubbed ‘Nuka World’ Hint A Post-Apocalyptic Theme In The Making?


While some players are eagerly waiting for Fallout 4's upcoming DLC Far Harbor, many are left to wonder what sort of new adventures, items, and quests Bethesda has in store for the game's huge fan base.

The main game itself brings surplus content to players. Fallout 4's post-launch downloadable content has introduced an array of fresh gameplay such as:

1) Automatron, which enables players to construct their own robot companions and lock horns with new villain the Mechanist.

2) Wasteland Workshop which offer player a slew of build and design elements for their settlements.

In addition to the aforementioned gameplays, the popular action role-playing video game is slated to include a new DLC titled Far Harbor that reportedly adds 20 hours of gameplay.

If rumors doing rounds online are anything to go by, aside from these DLC packs, the team behind the game has another add-on ready to take players on an eventful journey through the wastelands.

According to reports on GameRant, while looking at Fallout 4's game files, a data miner discovered some text within the game's file that read "DLCNukaWorld.esm."

Judging by this, it is more or less safe to guess that Nuka World will be some kind of theme park, with rides based around the famous wasteland beverage.

That said, let us not forget that this is "Fallout 4" and fans are anticipating some kind of post-apocalyptic theme park ordeal in which the player character gets assaulted by robotic theme park workers. The park may even turn out to be the place where illegal experiments on the park's visitors are done.

Although it is not confirmed that the next piece of "Fallout 4" DLC is really titled Nuka World, Bethesda Game Studios is without question working on more post-launch content for the popular game.

Earlier this year, Bethesda came under fire from "Fallout" fan base for increasing the price of the game's season pass. The developers, however justified the price adjustment by noting that more content (free as well as paid) is planned throughout this year.

Considering that Bethesda bumped up the price of the season pass by $20, the studio surely is working on a crucial addition to the game.

According to reports on GottaBeMobile, the third "Fallout 4" release date for all three platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and PC is slated to take place on Thursday, May 19.

Do you think Bethesda will most likely delay the release date for the third Fallout 4 DLC just like it delayed the Automatron and Wasteland Workshop DLCs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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