Samsung Smartwatch Plans to Turn Your Hand into Touch Screen


Samsung smartwatch has been a successful wearable technology and the South Korean company seems to be adding more innovation including a recent patent that describes a device that can turn your hand into a touch screen.

With this in mind, the next Samsung smartwatch will have larger UI display instead of tiny ones like the previous Samsung smartwatch generation.

The Tech Times explains further about the patent. There will be a built-in camera so your hand can interact with the UI. The image on the Samsung smartwatch patent indicates many features. It can display dial pad so users can dial phone numbers; type text message using QWERTY keyboard; it can also zooms a map, and project UI to the back of the fingers.

The tech giant has filed its patent to The United States Patent and Trademark Office and it gives a lot of information about the design of the next Samsung smartwatch. It clearly explains that the device uses processor can detect a target area, enlarge the UI screen and control camera to capture image.

These features will make Samsung smartwatch more interactive and indispensable given the fact that people can actually play video games on their hands. The current smartwatch has limited abilities especially the small screen.

Before this out-of-the-box patent, University Herald has provided the details on Apple's new technology patent Apple that suggests the next Macbook could be keyboard-less.

As for the previous Samsung smartwatch, "Samsung Gear S2" that landed in 2015, it has been a great device in terms of features and sales. And pretty much all devices that carry Samsung brand are getting positive feedbacks that might mean a challenge to the other brands.  

If the new Samsung smartwatch projector hits the market, how much money will it cost to purchase such futuristic device?

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