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‘Fear of the Walking Dead’: Sicut Cervus Episode Review; New Details Affect Season 2?


"Fear of the Walking Dead: Sicut Cervus" is the second to the last episode of the series' first half-season. This means that while it must put some bits into place for next week's mid-season finale, the show could also include some new details that may result to a longer impact on the Season 2 episodes.

The "Fear of the Walking Dead" has been directing its characters toward the location of Jonathan and Baja, creating tension on how this group can survive until the new site, considering Luis' plan of taking only two people. The viewers have noticed the strangeness of the mechanics of Baja's trip, which were managed faster and made easier compared to what happened in the past episode, Forbes reported.

Although, Luis was fired with a bullet by the official whom he planned to bribe to secure his entry, there  was not much struggle when the company of people made it to the shore.

The parishioners with eyes flowing with blood appeared again to get seize Team Abigail, yet only for a moment. The Fear team should be given credit, though, for analyzing well the walker attack movements as well as for creating solid sequences where the big groups of fresh walkers attacked a huge number of main characters.

Also, the Sicut Cervus episode used the walker assault to start the already-brewing concerns that involve Nick, Chris and Daniel, along with the three men who were freezing temporarily in mid-battle, almost causing trouble for them, TV  reported.

Chris, who have become increasingly weak and disappointed when Madison admitted to Travis about his killing of Reed, immediately opted not to help his future stepmother in the battle. On the other hand, Daniel remained haunted by the horrific acts done his past, as he nearly got bit while he recalls a period when he presumably killed a young boy.  

Lastly, Nick just gave in to the horrors surrounding him, which he finds it hard to keep beating the undead in spite of the resolute pursuit of the living. 

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