'Battlefield 1' Historical Trailer Will Take Fans Back In Time [WATCH]


The much-awaited first-person shooter video game, "Battlefield 1" is slated to make its debut this year, and fans can hardly wait to find out what the game has in store for them.

The developers have further fanned the flames by launching a historical trailer of "Battlefield 1."

During analysis, history experts on YouTube channel, The Great War found that EA has indeed paid lot of attention to accuracy as far as history is concerned. Minor factual errors and fantasy elements grace the otherwise authentic first person shooter.

"Battlefield 1" trailer shocked the FPS realm with its debut trailer that divulged a World War I setting.

No prizes for guessing, a horde of gamers were shocked that developer EA DICE has set its flagship series so far back in time, particularly when other war games have moved on to futuristic settings.

The Great War analysed the 15-minute long cinematic "Battlefield 1" trailer shot by shot and made a detailed list of its historical accuracy, reports SlashGear.

Aside from a few discrepancies and errors, narrator Indy Neidell noted that EA DICE has indeed made a significant effort to stick to historical facts. The team behind the highly-anticipated first person shooter has also mirrored exact technology of the era, including vehicles, equipment, uniforms and tactics.

Neidell further explains that things such as the German soldier utilizing a shovel as a weapon, or even the British soldier handling a German-made rifle are all exact portrayal of what happened in World War I. Tanks and other vehicles are right on the money as well and so are equipment such as gas masks and pickaxes, reports TechTimes.

Just like some "Battlefield" fans, If you're wondering why British soldiers would gear themselves up with the German-made rifles, the explanation is quite simple, It was typical for soldiers to pick up and employ better guns from the opposing side during that time.

The Great War dubs the "Battlefield 1" trailer as highly realistic, unvarnished and true to the spirit of the era.

It's worth noting that "Battlefield 1" is not a war simulator as it does not mixes its fantasy elements and historical stretches.

Moreover, there is a possibility that few segments of the "Battlefield 1" trailer might not even get included when the final edition of the game is released.

Nevertheless, the developers have truly done their homework and have put in a lot of effort in order to document the WWI era, its principles and warfare style.

"Battlefield 1" players will string along with Zeppelins, the Harlem Hellfighters and the Red Baron. The title is slated to release on October 21. Meanwhile, take a look at the exciting "Battlefield 1" trailer below:

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