“Pokemon Go” Release Date Under Scanner, Beta Testing Continues


"Pokemon Go" has kept fans excited right from the minute it was announced. While other details are being worked on, what fans are most eagerly looking forward to is an exact release date.

"Pokemon Go" is currently in the beta phase. Testing is on in full force. Fans have reason to celebrate. Even though the testing is on, rumour has it that the project is very much in accordance to the planned timeline.

As reported on Ecumenical News, the game is still set to come out in 2016. It will be launched on Android and iOS devices. The report further elaborates that the testing of the game has been going on very smoothly.

However, the challenge with beta version is that it's reach is restricted to a few regions. This means that fans across the globe in all the other regions will still have to wait for the official launch to know what the game is about.

Additionally, there has not been much update about the beta version testing process of "Pokemon Go". This actually leaves fans with two possible conclusions. Either it is all going really well or the company could be hiding some information.

Developers are currently working on releasing new updates after every five weeks. If this timeline is followed, fans can expect the next update to come out soon. Will this update finally break the suspense on a possible release date?

Fans have no option but to wait for "Pokemon Go" update to get an answer to this question. As of now, the long shot speculation is that fans may hear about the release date when the next announcement is made.

With no official details from the makers, there is no chance of delay in the launch and eager fans can lay their hands on the new feature of "Pokemon Go" before the end of this year. 

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