GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Teases A Slew Of New Updates Slated To Come In 2016


GTA 5 Online is slated to receive new updates as Rockstar continues to lend its support to the popular open world, action-adventure video game in 2016.

In a post on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer hinted that GTA Online fans can expect some impressive feature-rich updates and a lot more this year.

According to the post, one such forthcoming update will provide players "further adventures in finance and felony," staying in sync with the themes of 2015's Executives and Other Criminals update.

This definitely sounds exciting, but there's more.

In this new content, players will make an entrance into the "lucrative and dangerous world of contraband trafficking" and amass massive new properties that can be used as headquarter for their criminal organization and a warehouse for stolen goods, reports GameSpot.

While managing inventory, players will be buying and selling contraband items ranging from jewels to narcotics to medical supplies.

According to reports on IB Times, players could be in for a surprise each time there is a pick up. In addition, players need to ensure that the items are kept safe simply because any sort of damage to them could result in lower selling rate.

But that's not all players need to worry about.

Players need to be constantly on their toes as raids can happen between the shipments.

Moving further with what the new update can bring to GTA 5 Online, the blog post noted that players can anticipate a "major" update as far as racing and stunting in the game are concerned. Players need to keep their eyes peeled for more new Adversary modes.

In and Out Adversary mode too might get more new locations.

Rockstar also guaranteed a slew of "fun, competitive, team-based modes," which are yet to launch. GTA 5 Online recently received few in-game specials and bonuses, such as Versus Missions Week and Contact Missions Week that enable players to get vehicles, weapons as well as other items that are on sale.

The game is also offering discounts on in-game bikes including Akuma, Hakuchou and cars such as Pegassi Osiris.

Do we need more reasons to love Rockstar?

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