Hideo Kojima Plans Sony-Exclusive Game Genre To Be Action; Rough Concept Similar to Konami's "Metal Gear?" [RUMORS]

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Hideo Kojima is making a new Sony-exclusive game under Kojima Productions. The former Konami game developer revealed that the genre of his new game will be action. It will also be similar to AAA games like "Uncharted" and "The Division." However, knowing Kojima's distinctive style, will the new game be similar to the well-loved "Metal Gear" franchise?

With Kojima's work on Konami's "Metal Gear" franchise, it's no wonder that his newest game's genre will be action. Kojima was interviewed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, a Japanese magazine and he shared some insight on the newest game he's working on.

Kojima said in the interview that they are taking risks by trying out new things and experimenting with new elements, Gematsu noted. He adds that players who enjoy action games including "Uncharted" and "The Division" will find the new Sony-exclusive game interesting. Kojima wants the players to experience and play the game itself in order to know how different it will be. The new game might have some virtual reality elements in it too as Kojima is looking forward to dabbling in it.

As to why he chose to partner with Sony, the former Konami developer said that the company accepted his rough concept. Kojima revealed that he did not like putting presentations and Sony was the one who catered to what he wanted, Tech Times shared.

With Konami out of the way and Kojima having the creative freedom, it would seem like the Japanese game developer is creating something big. It may be possible for Kojima to be reconnecting with the idea of using Norman Reedus, who he met for the cancelled "Silent Hills" game, again, as Games Radar pointed out.

Kotaku reported that with regards to making the new game, Kojima had the same feeling he did when he made "Metal Gear." Kojima reportedly feels uneasy and excited. Kojima Productions artist Yoji Shinkawa who was also in the interview added that the new game is difficult to explain in words so fans will have to find out for themselves soon.

Do you think Hideo Kojima will take the Sony-exclusive game in the same direction as "Metal Gear" or will we see similarities given both are action genre games? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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