'Final Fantasy X, X2' News & Update: HD Remastered Version on PC Coming May 12 via Steam [WATCH]

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PC players will finally get their hands on the HD remastered versions of "Final Fantasy X" and "Final Fantasy X2" this week. While remasters for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita have already been released, the PS4 was updated to have additional content. The same goes for the PC version but with level boosters.

"Final Fantasy X, X2" HD Remaster will reportedly be sold as a collection, Forbes reported. The collection will contain both the International releases of "Final Fantasy X" and "Final Fantasy X2" but with more bonus content added in. The new versions can be purchased and downloaded on PC via Steam.

Furthermore, the PC versions of the "Final Fantasy X, X2" games are added with "boosters," Techno Buffalo shared. Players can also play the game using Japanese or English languages. Kotaku pointed out that the boosters include Auto-save, no enemy encounter and high speed. This will allow players to beat hard-to-beat levels, bosses and run through the game that will help them focus on the storyline. The "Final Fantasy X, X2" HD Remaster will be sold at $30.

PC remakes of the past installments including FF7 to FF9 the were also given similar boosters. Digital Trends wrote. Players were given the option to play the games at their pace or speed through some of the segments. "Final Fantasy X" was first released in July of 2001, followed by "Final Fantasy X2" in March 2003. These games brought in the addition of voice acting and gaming innovations including the "Sphere Grid" leveling system and "Conditional Turned-Based Battle" system in Square Enix's beloved RPG franchise.

Are you excited for "Final Fantasy X, X2" HD Remaster this week? Will you go with FF X first or go directly to Yuna, Rikku and Paine's adventure in FF X2? Let us know in the comments below.

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