Tufts University Bomb Threat: Institution Resumes Exams; Incident Related To Mass Firing Of Janitors? [VIDEO]


There was a written bomb threat posted at the door of the campus health services at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Prior to that discovery, a car fire was in progress at dawn and it is not known if the two were connected. There is a speculation that the bomb threat may be related to the scheduled mass firing of campus janitors in the university.

Tufts University reopened the campus after it was cleared after a bomb threat was found taped on one of the buildings in the campus. Investigation is still on going and it is not known who the culprits are and if the bomb threat and car fire had any connection to the scheduled mass firing of janitors at the university. Some students who are working on passing and graduating had to take rescheduled exams in light of the bomb threat incident, accoridng Tufts University posted an announcement on their website regarding the finals examinations.

Authorities responded to the car fire at Tufts University at around 4:30AM when they discovered the handwritten bomb threat note. After the car fire was taken care of, authorities were on campus trying to locate and confirm the authenticity of the bomb threat. The note reportedly said that there were bombs planted in more than five buildings at Tufts University, The Washington Post reported.

Tufts University staff and students were evacuated from suspected building including the Tisch Library, Cohen Hall, Cabot Hall, Breaker Hall, the Health Services building and the Tisch Sports Complex, Inquisitr shared. The buildings were secured and bomb-sniffing dogs were sent in.

The bomb threat noted apparently made reference to the scheduled mass firing of the janitorial staff at Tufts University, Inquisitr shared. Many Tufts University students protested the firing of more than 30 janitors in the institution. However, the union of janitors together with Tufts University staff, administrators denied any part in the car fire or the bomb threat.

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