Colorado Christian University Not Supporting Transgender Behavior; Requests Religious Exemption From Department of Education [VIDEO]


Colorado Christian University is a faith-based institution that is requesting religious exemption from tolerating transgender behavior among individuals within their campus. The university sought permission from the US Department of Education saying transgender students should follow the regulations set by the school.

Under Title IX, transgender individuals and their rights are protected against discrimination inside colleges and universities. This enables them to act according to their preferred gender when it comes to using school facilities like bathrooms, housing and for joining various university sports and teams, Denver Post reported.

Colorado Christian University apparently requested religious exemption against transgender behavior from the Department of Education in November 2014. The government agency now has a website where people can search for schools that have requested for it. Colorado Christian University's religious exemption request is joined by more than 200 faith-based schools in the US.

In their letter to the Department of Education, Colorado Christian University sought to be exempt from Title IX in order to practice their religious beliefs that curtail transgender behavior among its students and staff. Furthermore, Colorado Christian University will not allow transgender students to dress or act in any other way other than the gender they were born with.

There is a section in the student handbook by the Colorado Christian University that states the university does not encourage the advocacy and propagation of transgender behavior among officers, trustees, employees and students. This also includes transvestite behavior, noted. All those who identify as transgender are reportedly encouraged to withdraw from the school as it "is in their and the university's best interest to leave."

There were students who defended the religious exemption request. A student defended the Colorado Christian University saying that the institution is just following the word of God. Another said that transgender behavior goes against what God intended for an individual born with their original gender. The transgender community took offense to the letter saying that the request is Un-Christian and contradicts what God said about loving they neighbor as thy self.

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