Bowling Green State University Pays Former Football Athlete Cody Silk $712K For Concussion Lawsuit [VIDEO]


Bowling Green State University will be paying their former football player, Cody Silk $712,000 for a concussion lawsuit. The former offensive liner accused the institution of negligence pertaining to three concussions he had previously reported before losing his scholarship and getting permanent brain injury.

Cody Silk accused Bowling Green State University of failing to bring medical aid to his concussion complaints when he was playing for the team. He filed a lawsuit that state that he reported to have three concussions and experiencing the effects of it during training in 2010 before he was dropped from the university's football team, Seattle Times reported. Silk said he lost his scholarship in 2010 and dropped out of school because he was no longer in the team.

The Bowling Green State University Falcons football team played in the Mid-American Conference were coached by Dave Clawson during that season. Clawson now coaches Wake Forest, CBS Local noted.

Silk added that prior to being removed from the football team, his concussion symptoms were so bad that there were days that he could not recognize his own name or remember where he last parked his car. He also experienced severe headache and was pulled from football practice but he was asked to go back without being treated for concussion. Furthermore, Silk explains that he still has migraine headaches, sleep difficulties, depression and anxiety to this day, ABC News noted.

Bowling Green State University spokesman Dave Kielmeyer announced that the institution agreed to pay the $712K concussion settlement to Silk instead because of the unknown risks. The concussion lawsuit settlement was decided this week and the agreement included that Silk will not be suing the school further. Bowling Green State University previously stated that they were not liable for injuring Silk while he was in the football team. They explained during the time before the settlement was reached that Silk signed a liability waiver and assumed the risks of playing football, including concussion.

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