Western Conference Semifinals Game 1: Warriors’ Anderson Varejao, Blazers’ Gerald Henderson Ejected, Who's To Blame? [VIDEO]


There were only15.1 seconds remaining in the third when Henderson was positioned in the corner near the Warriors' bench when Varejao had been subbed out of the game. The two brawled after a warning and were hit with their second technicals which resulted to automatic ejections. 

The drama escalated at the 3:29 mark of the third when Portland's Damian Lillard was driving his way to the basket, Henderson shot into the lane and banged into Varejao. Offended Varejao tripped Henderson after they collided. The Portland guard jumped up and pointed a finger at his opponent's face.

Henderson commenced contact with Varejao, who swiftly fell down. The warrior, however, realized that he was falling for no reason but due to the actions of the blazer, he tossed his left leg into the back of Henderson's legs. He was laying low to the ground after getting whipped through the legs by Varejao when Henderson rush to fight back. 

"I bumped him, not on purpose, he tripped me on purpose. I fell hard. I didn't like it. We came together. That's what happens. They gave us both technical fouls," Henderson addressed in a report.

At the quarter's closing seconds, Varejao played the part of ganged again. From the bench he aggravated Henderson back and forth while the ball was in play. Referee Monty McCutcheon alerted to call them both up for a double-whammy technical, when Varejao provoked Henderson to say a reply the last time. Being equally technically-rang; they were at once ejected from the game, according to a report.

For the record, Henderson was ejected for being leg-whipped and trash-talked from a guy not in the game. At the end, the Warriors took the game with 118 points, a 12-point lead from the Blazers'. Henderson got 5 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists in 16 minutes of play, ESPN tallied.

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