Nazi Organization Recruitment At Boston University? Poster Discovered Inside Campus [VIDEO]


A Nazi organization recruitment poster was reportedly discovered by a student at Boston University. Marlo Kalb posted a picture of the said picture on Facebook saying that it belongs to a modern Nazi organization.

The Nazi poster included words like "The Nazis are coming." The modern Nazi organization in question looks like it belongs to "The Atomwaffen Division of Massachusetts." It even had an address of the group's website, Metro reported.

Marlo Kalb, the student who saw the poster added in her post on Facebook that she saw it together with another flyer. She claimed that she discovered the leaflet containing the text "Black Lives Don't Matter" was found at a Boston University building and at the dining hall this week. She also alleges that members of the modern Nazi organization are inside the campus.

Flyers from various Nazi groups have also infiltrated other US universities and colleges. Fliers with swastikas - a prominent Nazi symbolism were found in printers, Inside Higher Ed shared. The leaflets contained texts that claimed that Jews are responsible for the degenration the country through mass immigration. It also called for White people to join them in their quest for "Global White Supremacy."

The modern Nazi organization who reportedly hacked the university printers has a website called The Daily Stormer. The fliers were found in various US colleges and universities including Princeton, Brown, UC Davis, USC, DePaul, California State and Oregon State to name a few.

A notorious computer hacker Andrew Auernheimer who goes by the alias "Weev," owned up to the computer hack in the universities, New York Times reported. Auernheimer said that he did not intend to target US universities only and that he sent the fliers to all public printers in North America. More information on the Nazi printer hack can be found below.

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