University Of Washington Cheerleading Squad Receive Backlash For 'Ideal Cheerleader' Checklist [VIDEO]


The infographic "Cheer and Dance Tryout Look" was posted by the University of Washington cheerleading team for their upcoming tryouts. The team received backlash from students and other critics who said that the poster was sexist as it told women to look a certain way to qualify.

NBC News reports that the poster was first posted on University of Washington's Facebook page this week. Some of the "Do's and Dont's" include putting on false lashes, having a tan, having flattering make up, being physically fit and not having tattoos.

The University of Washington athletic officials said that the cheerleader checklist was created to answer many cheerleader hopefuls who asked for requirements, Seattle Times reported. The cheerleader checklist post was allegedly taken down when a university athletic official saw it and realized that the checklist did not embody the school's althetic values. A new poster was posted on their page but not before it earned the attention and ire of students and other critics.

Some students complained that the cheerleader checklist poster undermined the seriousness of cheerleading as a real sport, Daily Mail notes. Some said that as students of color, they felt excluded as they do not embody the descriptions of the checklist that specifically asked for "bronzed or tanned" looks.

The Associated Students of the University of Washington posted on their Facebook page to say that the old cheerleader checklist goes against the prevention of objectification of women that many students and women worked so hard for. They promised to maintain an inclusive environment for all and hopes for the university administration to do the same. People Magazine reports that Washington State University and Louisiana State University had similar cheerleader checklist posters. After the controversy, Louisiana State had removed theirs.

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