Android Wear Updates: Users To Browse, Send Emails Using Microsoft Outlook Soon!


Since 2015 Apple Watch has been using the Microsoft Outlook, and now Android Wear is using the same application. Before, browsing an email on a wrist is a luxury because watches are normally just for time checking. These wearables could be consumers' last gadget would purchase.

On the other hand, as smart watches began to dominate the market, transforming close enough to mini smartphones that can be used for checking emails on the wrist, makes it not a luxury anymore but a necessity. Apple Watch has shown some consumers are already utilizing their smart watches to check, write and send emails.

Wearables are functional gadgets when it has a lot of apps installed in it. Both Apple and Android focus on the market and gradually add back up for the iOS and Android gadgets. The selections for email applications on Android Wear are only a few, and Outlook is among the good third party choices that can give an advantage to the users, as reported by Yibada.

What makes the Microsoft Outlook as one of the best email applications available in the market? With Android and iOS, users will be advised with new emails which they can browse through the present messages on the app, and can answer by using a voice command or tapping the messages.

It is very convenient for the users because they would not have to get their smartphones to check or send their emails as they already browse them from their watches. Microsoft Outlook will be available in iOS Apple Watch sometime in August and now the famous email application launched to Android Wear by an update tagged as "Outlook Android" which increases the version number to 2.0.57, reported by Betanews.

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