University of Sheffield

Americans Find It Cheaper To Go To College In Canada & England

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Here are three universities in Canada and England that offer lower tuition fees compared to US colleges.

University Of Sheffield Scientists Observe Black Hole Eating Giant Star [Video]

Mar 01, 2017 AM EST Scientists from University of Sheffield observed a black hole eating a huge star. It was not able to consume the star in 10 years. Itwas observed that the black hole grew as it consumed the star.

Practicing In a Timely Manner Helps to Acquire a Skill Quicker, Study

Jan 08, 2014 AM EST ‘Practice makes perfect’ quote now needs to be revised after a University of Sheffield study claimed that a ‘blind’ practise does not help individuals to master a form of art, instrument, or ...

Ancient Syrians Made Stone Tools Locally Instead Of Importing Finished Tools from Turkey, Study

Oct 24, 2013 AM EDT Ancient Syrians made stone tools locally rather than importing finished tools from Turkey, which was previously believed, according to a study conducted by researchers from University of Sheffield.

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