Americans Find It Cheaper To Go To College In Canada & England


Going to High School is a matter of chance, but attending College is more of a privilege. Saving for collegiate tuition fees has been a costly struggle for students whose families belong to the middle class. Fortunately, Canada and England are offering cheaper quality educational institutions.

For one thing, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York recorded a whopping $1.3 trillion on student loans in 2016. Moreover, it has been reported that almost 70 percent of graduating senior students in the U.S. have debts. The average tuition fee for a four-year in-state university in America, often excluding board and lodging, is around $21, 447 USD. Thus, others prefer to go abroad and enroll in more affordable schools like the ones stated below.

University of Victoria

According to Business Insider, this Canadian institution offers a total of $27, 645 CAD for a yearly payment. Luckily, it is only equivalent to about $20, 506 USD. Meanwhile, those who have dual US/Canadian citizenships get an even lower price of $5, 227 USD annual tuition fee. Academically, it is noted for programs in Law, Economics, as well as Earth and Ocean Sciences.

University of Sheffield

Found in England, this university provides Arts and Social Sciences courses for $19,446 USD. Consequently, it caters to Archaeology, Architecture, Journalism, Math, and Music students for a price of not more than $21, 875 USD. The highest offer, though, is at $24, 878 USD for Engineering, Non-clinical Medicine and Dentistry programs. Times Higher Education earlier reported that the University of Sheffield ranks 13th among the best UK Universities.

McGill University

While tuition fees in Canada vary per province, Quebec provides one of the lowest. McGill University, for example, offers quality education for $21, 221 USD only. Do note that it already includes average housing options for foreign students. In particular, board and lodging plus food at McGill range between $7, 420 USD and $18, 000 USD.

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