University of Portsmouth

Pets with ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ Expression Attracts Potential Owners Quicker, Study

Jan 07, 2014 AM EST Dogs that frequently portray child-like faces (raising their inner brows to make their eyes look wider) have higher chances of being selected by a prospective owner than the other dogs, according to a ...

Chimps Learn How to Crack and Peel Fruit by Watching Their Companions, Study

Dec 18, 2013 AM EST Chimpanzee have been long-considered to be human's closest relative. The fact has been further strengthened by a new University of Portsmouth study. Researchers have found that chimps learn their ...

Chimpanzees Interact and Play With Robots, UK Study

Oct 15, 2013 AM EDT Chimpanzees have once again reaffirmed the fact that they are the closest relatives to humans.

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