University of Akron

University of Akron Receives $5 Million Gift For Native American Artifacts Museum [VIDEO]

Apr 21, 2017 PM EDT The Native American collection will provide students an opportunity to learn how to manage, research and display the historical items from different parts of the continitent.

University of Akron's College of Engineering Shows Off Skills At Soap Box Derby [VIDEO]

Mar 23, 2017 AM EDT The collaboration between Soap Box Derby and the University of Akron's College of Engineering expose more students to their STEM-based education programs.

University Course ‘Trump’s Triumph’ To Be Offered In Akron

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST University of Akron is going to teach students about President-elect Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

University Of Akron Student Suspected Of Stabbing Roommate Over Food Fight

Dec 06, 2016 PM EST A University of Akron student died after being stabbed by his roommate.

LeBron James Launches Program To Help University Of Akron Students

Oct 25, 2016 AM EDT LeBron James continues to help the students of the University of Akron.

LeBron James Explains Why He Is Going Back To School

Oct 20, 2016 AM EDT NBA Star LeBron James plans to continue his education.

University Of Akron President Resigns after Financial Woes

Jun 01, 2016 AM EDT University of Akron President, Scott L. Scarborough will step down from his position after some financial decisions that become controversies.

UB to Suspend About 55 Degree Programs

Feb 06, 2014 AM EST The University of Akron (UA) might are planning to shelve around 55 degree programs, including theater arts, in an attempt to allocate financial resources towards courses deemed high priority.

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