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University Course ‘Trump’s Triumph’ To Be Offered In Akron


Donald Trump is known for his business background in real estate, hotel ventures and more. Now, he is the President-elect of the United States of America. But soon, he is going to be a subject of discussion in University of Akron.

A course that focuses on Donald Trump's victory in the recent 2016 election will be offered at the University of Akron. The course is titled "Trump's Triumph."

Republican President-elect Donald Trump, being a topic of discussion at the University of Akron, will be lead by Professor Matthew Akers, cites Diverse Education. According to Akers, the course he is offering will offer a deep dive deconstruction of how Donald Trump received support during his campaign. Akers is also going to discuss the policies he is going to implement and examine each vein. In addition to these topics, the professor is going to explain why the polls and predictions got the election wrong.

University of Akron is going to offer the course during the spring semester. According to the publication, the course is open to both graduates and undergraduate students, in no particular major. It is a widely known issue that regardless of Hillary Clinton's supporters, wide knowledge, and extensive agenda on the political platform, she still did not get enough votes.

It was a close finish between the two contenders but ultimately Donald Trump won. This course is particularly offered to examine why Trump won despite the amount of energy and supporters coming from Hillary's camp. According to Akers, his course will answer a lot of questions people still have even after the elections. Aside from being a professor at the University of Akron, he is also the director of government relations and assistant director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics.

For University of Akron students who are interested or curious to find out more, the course is being offered through the political science department.

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