Tufts University Researchers

Scientists Created 21st Century Stitches that Close Wound; Sense Infection and Alert Your Doctor! [WATCH]

Jul 22, 2016 AM EDT These threads are 'promising candidates' to provide physical reports that indicate your wound is healing.

Individual Mycobacteria That Causes Tuberculosis (TB) Reacts Differently To Antibiotics, Says Tufts University Researchers

Jul 06, 2016 AM EDT Tuberculosis (TB), which is an infectious disease that resulted from the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is one of the world's most common infectious diseases.

Tufts University Researchers Will Use Optogenetic Methods to Fight Cancer Cells, Better Than Chemotherapy

Jul 04, 2016 AM EDT In the great fight against cancer, researchers of the Tufts University help to look for solutions that are both effective and less ravaging compared to the current treatments like chemotherapy.

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