Scientists Created 21st Century Stitches that Close Wound; Sense Infection and Alert Your Doctor! [WATCH]


Researchers at Tufts University created threads with sensors that can be benefit for medical diagnostics. The research published in Nature explains how threads are 'promising candidates' to provide physical reports that indicate your wound is healing.

The smart stitches that tell you that your wound is healing

Scientists develop threads embedded with electronics and temperature sensors. After the wound is sewn, the sutures can provide health parameters such as glucose levels, pH levels, stress and strain. The sensors will then transmit the data wirelessly to a computer device and provide feedbacks to doctors and their patients.

The smart stitches were tested in rats previously and are said to help doctors make better decision before any infection or inflammation appears. And since it is able to read patient's glucose levels, it may also be useful for treating diabetics patients where wound healing can be real slow.

What smart stitches can do in the future?

Sameer Sonkusale, Tufts School of Engineering Nano Lab director said that the high-tech threads hold great promises since it the implantable device can be integrated in fabrics or used for surgical implants.

The high tech threads might enable doctors to treat patients with personalized approach based on the internal's condition and monitor the healing progress accurately. Sonkusale also hoped that he would see smart stitches being used worldwide to treat all kinds of things in hospitals, Telegraph wrote.

The idea of making stitches so smart is a huge step forward in medical field. However, since Tufts scientists only did limited testing, it would take a long time to find out if smart stitches are applicable in human's because toxicology research is initially needed. Right now, researchers are looking for volunteers to test the smart stitches. Don't worry, because this time, it's only at skin level.

What do you think about the smart stitches?

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